Adopting a cat means taking into consideration its need to have fun and therefore offering it a playground

Cat trees have multiplied in recent years. Often installed in the living rooms of our interiors, we expect them to meet a dual objective. Amuse our wonderful pets but also fit into our decor without distorting it. Several functions are expected from cat trees: a playful space in which the cat will satisfy its needs to move, scratch, climb, scratch, sleep. Necessarily solid and stable, we also like them elegant and design in order to live in perfect harmony between cat and human. Choosing your cat tree should give you as much pleasure and curiosity as it will arouse in your tomcat when you install his new play area.

  1. Living room with designer cat tree

Living room with designer cat tree

Designed on a large wooden base, this cat tree projects three axes of different heights with trays to stimulate the cat’s desire to get away or scratch on rough surfaces. The blond wood color blends into the living room, even bringing a designer pyramid structure. Cushions are detachable and machine washable. To be found at Petguin.


  1. Cat tree for modern decor

Cat tree for modern decor

Like a tree that has taken root in the living room, this cat module rises to the ceiling with a system of steps that lead to a perched hut. Scandinavian-inspired, it is designed in solid beech. Positioned behind a green climbing plant, it blends into the decor without distorting the world of the living room thanks to its fairly modern style. To be found at Dog & Cat Design.


  1. Modular wall-mounted cat tree with a contemporary design

Modular wall-mounted cat tree with a contemporary design

We love the idea of ​​creating our cat’s playground by choosing the modules and the design of the course. This wall-mounted cat tree saves considerable space.

Light wood wall design cat tree

In light or dark wood, it works on the same principle, while offering a contemporary design. Uprights form two frames in which are fixed, at the desired height, different niches with cushions. Find it at Cat & Dog Design.


  1. Wall modules to create a designer cat tree

Wall modules to create a designer cat tree

A pretty set of hexagonal shaped boxes with four openings comes to rest on the wall to create a playful route for your cat. The modules can live individually as they can be attached to each other to create a honeycomb pattern. In addition to entertaining your cat, this installation will bring a designer touch to your interior. Find it at Cat & Dog Design.


  1. Small cat tree with scratching post

Small cat tree with scratching post

A teepee tent shape, with its carpet in the center. This small cat tree offers on each of the sides that compose it, materials serving as a scratching post. The blond wood and the airy design make it an object that fits into a living room with elegance. Easy to carry, you are sure to keep the cat close. To be found at La Redoute.

  1. Cat furniture with ash finish

A set of cubes that fit together or, on the contrary, separate. Openings on the sides to multiply the entrances and exits. A natural ash finish that looks great. Cushions on each floor to provide resting areas at different heights. This is what makes up perfect furniture for our dear cats, and what’s more, fits stylishly into the living room. Find it at