Celtic Tree of Life Tattoos – Finding a Great Design

It may well surprise you to find out that the search engines are one of the worst places to begin your search for that perfect Celtic tree of life tattoo design. This may well seem counter-intuitive, because if you are anything like me you will have become practically dependent on search engines for every question you may have. The reason that they aren’t so great for searching for tattoo designs is because they were built for searching for information, and have no clue whether a tattoo design is original, interesting or high quality.

If you want proof of this, simply type Celtic Tree Tree of Life of Life Tattoo into any search engine and you will be presented with heaps of information about the history of them, how popular they are, where you can get one but very few actual designs. And even the ones that you do get will most likely be rubbish cookie cutter designs that have been floating around the internet for years and already been tattooed on millions of people.

I don’t know about you but this definitely is not what getting a tattoo is all about for me. I want something original, creative and interesting. Something that expresses my personality.

So where can you find a Celtic Tree of Life Tattoo that will do all of this for you?

It is actually surprisingly simple once you know where to look. It took me a while to discover this, but the best place to find great tattoo artwork online is in the tattoo forums. This is because lots of professional tattoo artists use these forums and like to upload their latest designs to get other users opinions. This is great for us because it means that we can get the absolute freshest tattoo designs, by professional tattoo artists before anyone else gets anywhere near them!

And wait there is more! If you go to the archive section of some of these forums you will find that they have a section which gives you links to some of the large online tattoo artwork galleries that you wont find anywhere else. This is where you will find the real gems and you are guaranteed to find loads of awesome Celtic Tree of Life tattoo designs. These galleries are constantly updated with new artwork and none of it shows up in the search engines so you won’t be inking yourself with the same thing as everyone else.