Everything You Should Know About Camp Le Jeune

The fact, is that Camp Le Jeune is a marine base, is therefor government owned, so it is impossible to buy real estate on it. However the good news is that Camp Le Jeune itself is centrally located in some of the most prime real estate markets in the entire U.S.

Homes in Surrounding Towns and CommunitiesOnslow County, North Carolina where camp Le Jeune is located is peppered with many towns and communities Camp Lejeune Toxic Water Exposure Lawsuit that have gone out of their way to insure that base personnel and the civilian employees who work there have ample affordable housing opportunities to chose from. In fact, the median home price in most all of the cities and towns located closest to Camp Le Jeune have median home prices that hover somewhere just over $100’000.

No Falling Home Values Also, unlike other real estate market areas of the country that have been hit by sliding home values, homes and properties in these local venues These reports resulted from a number of news media sources as well as independent studies from around the country all of which cannot be denied. As a result we felt it necessary to recap them in this article as the condition of our very precious water supplies are being threatened from coast to coast.  The greatest problem with these numerous reports is that with so many water resources being impacted by these contaminants we seriously have to question just how much safe water is left. Unfortunately, there is a rather large disconnect between that which is deemed safe by our federal authorities and what your doctor would tell you was safe.have weathered the national financial storm quite well. So, while home values haven’t risen in the real estate bubble, they have none the less slowly increased and kept up with inflation.

Lots of Affordable Rentals This all adds up to one thing and that is that if you can afford to buy in the Camp Le Jeune area, you would be well advised to do so. If you cant quite yet afford to buy, the good news is that these towns and communities on the periphery of the base are chock full of more then affordable rentals including government assisted apartments.

An Outdoors Enthusiasts Paradise On a slightly different note. If you are planing a move to the Camp Le Jeune area of North Carolina you may want to think of investing in a good set of golf clubs and some outdoor gear as well. This is because Camp Le Jeune is ground zero for some of the most optimal choices in outdoor recreational activities in the entire U.S.