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There are two ways in which a CPA (certified Public Accountant) obtains all the necessary documents and information from you:

First, they might sit with you for a discussion and interview you with loads of questions. Generally in such a situation the financial service provider would provide you a list of the documents that they might require to file your tax returns and making the payments. After getting all the documents from you they will fill in the requisite forms. So, it is essential to provide them with accurate information and papers regarding your company’s financial transactions.

Second, for tax preparation a Certified Public Accountant will send you a set of questionnaire and a list of the documents they might require to make the statements. You have to appear at the office of the service provider and submit all the requisites.

But, why would you hire a financial service provider for tax preparation? One major reason people hire accountancy service provider agencies is that only an experienced financial expert would be able to calculate the amount of tax payable accurately. Tax preparation and payment is a long and elaborate process, and might sometimes be complicated too. All the complications are handled well by a professional financial expert.