History of Colloidal Gold

Modern History

Michael Faraday, an English chemist, was the first to achieve true colloidal gold. His experiment in 1857 produced pure colloidal. It is believed that doctors in western countries would inject a $5 gold piece under the skin next to an arthritic bone. This would cause the pain to disappear or diminish. *

Injectable salts of gold have been used to treat arthritis in western medicine ever since 1927. * There are many cultures that recognize the importance of gold in this system. * Gold-coated pills in Europe and a ‘Gold Water ‘over the counter have been available for over 100years. India and China have used gold for centuries. People in certain rural villages continue to use gold coins to replenish their gold bodies colloidal gold.

The Materia Medica’s 19th edition in 1965, listed colloidal golden as the most effective remedy for obesity. India has had gold as a sacred resource for thousands of centuries. “Rasa-Jala-Nidi,” an Ayurvedic text that explains the origins of Ayurveda, states, “Gold is soothing. Pure. nutritive. Curer of poison. phthisis. Insanity and other illnesses.” (…) This increases life expectancy, wealth, beauty, intelligence and memory. It acts as an aphrodisiac to increase happiness and nutrition and pacifies ghostly evil influences.

Gold (…) prevents dementia, memory loss, and increases consciousness. It improves semen, reduces thinness, and helps develop the mind. (Mookerji, Kaviraj Bhudeb [Translator]: Rasa-Jala-Nidi vol. 2 Delhi 1990 Parimal publicl., page 239f * *Elements of Life inc. makes absolutely NO CLAIMS for Colloidal Gold Colloidal golden is not an drug, it’s not medicine, and it’s not intended to be used as a treatment. Talk to a qualified physician if your condition is serious. Elements for Life Inc. has not created any product that can diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. The FDA has not tested and approved colloidal silver.

New research has revealed that positive emotions may be beneficial for our physical well-being. Even laughter can cause our cells release powerful natural substances which have been shown to significantly boost the immune system. Did you know? To protect themselves against radiation from space, the astronauts used a micro-film made of gold. This microfilm gives the glass pink color, just like colloidal golden! Modern science confirms ancient alchemical beliefs that gold is an element capable of being found in many anomalous states. A red powder can be found in gold when it is organized in micro-clusters with a diameter between 1 and 90 nanometers. (Human hair is 1 billion nanometers in diameter!) Modern science also confirms ancient Egyptian wisdom that gold, the soft yellow metal we all know, becomes a white powder when it’s broken down into single molecules (monatomic strong>).

It is probably not a coincidence that Legend Gold, Ancient History, and Legend Alchemists have been using tonics for centuries for their abilities to rejuvenate, youth, maximize potential, and overall emotional well-being. In ancient Egypt, gold was first used by priests. They mixed it to make a red powder and a white one. This was for nutrition and preparation for the intense “spiritual cleansing” rituals. Gold was also regarded as a cure for youthfulness, vitality and perfect body health. * Later centuries saw a group called “alchemists” who learned how “red-powder gold” was prepared. The “red” powder form of gold is claimed to have many of same benefits by alchemists as Egyptians. It can be used to restore youth and harmony, as well as allow the body’s ability overcome the effects of aging. *

Since thousands of generations, gold has been revered by the Mayan people. It is amazing to note that they used this precious material to great extent for their dining utensils. Could it be that they knew that as time went by, their bodies would absorb tiny amounts gold and gold particles from their plates, bowls and drinking glasses? It seems possible. Paracelsus, considered the historical father of modern Pharmacology, was an eminent physician who studied alchemy to develop medicines from metallic minerals, including gold. Paracelcus was famous for helping patients that were not easily treated by other physicians. Moses of biblical fame was stunned to see the Israelites bow down before an Idol, which was fashioned in the image of a gold calf.

Exodus 32.20 says that Moses took the golden calf they had created, and set it on fire. After it was roasted, he ground it into a powder and poured it onto the water. The bible also clearly shows that Moses was well-versed in the “high art” Egyptian language. This explains the reason why gold usually melts when heated. Moses would have likely been able to perform processes that made gold a powder which could be consumed. What a wise way of reminding the people that they were not to seek out or worship external references to divine connection. One reason why Moses made them eat gold is because it can be used to support calm, inspiration, and focused inner connection with God. *These statements are not evaluated by Food and Drug Administration.