How Often Should We Replace Our Own Bed Sheets?

There are a few different things to think about when buying bed sheets. You will want to get sheets that will properly fit your mattress. Thread count is another consideration, one that most people overlook when purchasing sheets for their bed. The fit, fabric, and color are other things to think about when getting new sheets.

When buying bed sheets, the first thing you need florals duvet cover to think about is the size you will need. Standard sizes, such as twin, full, queen, and king may help you with your decision, but it is also a good idea to measure the mattress itself to determine the right size. There is also the pocket depth measurement. This is the thickness of the mattress, measured from the bottom to the top edges. Most standard mattresses will have a pocket depth of 7 to 9 inches. However, if you have a pillow top mattress could be more in the range of 10 to 15 inches. Knowing this dimension will help you choose properly fitting sheets for your bed.

The thread count of the bed sheets is another important consideration. The thread count for a certain set of sheets will be listed on the manufacturer label. The higher the count, the higher quality and comfort you will receive from your sheets. Most buying guides recommend getting at least a 200 thread count. That number and above will allow you purchase bed sheets that are both comfortable to wrap your body in and durable to withstand several washes over the years.

Fit is another factor that you need to take into account when buying bed sheets. A basic fitted sheet comes with elastic only at the corners. This makes it easy to pull it off of the mattress during the night. You may find yourself getting up a few times to readjust the sheet. There are better quality fitted sheets that offer the elastic down each side. Even better are the sheets that come with elastic all the way around the outer edge. If you tend to move a lot during sleep, you may want to invest in the top of the line sheets.

Bed sheets come in a number of fabrics. It would not hurt to have more than one style so that you can change them out throughout the year. Flannel sheets are effective in keeping you warm during the winter months. Silk sheets are cooler, and make good bedding for the summer. Cotton is the most basic of sheets, making them a popular choice for those who only want to own one or two sheet sets. You can test out a material by purchasing various pillowcases. Resting your head on different fabrics can help you determine which you like best.

Color is a remaining aspect of purchasing bed sheets. You will want to choose something that will match the comforter or quilt that they will be paired with. Many go for a solid color, as they will be easier to correspond to the larger bedding. Some choose prints or plaid if they have a solid color comforter.