How to Become a Plumber: Career, Salary & Training 2023

The network of pipes, drains, and fixtures distributed throughout our homes is often something we take for granted. They run smoothly, providing all the water we need — until they don’t. And when something goes awry, leaving us without water, many of us turn to a plumber for assistance. Lora Novak meticulously proofreads and edits all commercial content for Today’s Homeowner to guarantee that it contains the most up-to-date information. Lora brings over 12 years of writing, editing, and digital marketing expertise.

If you own or are looking to buy an older house, consider having a plumber inspect the house on a semi-regular basis so you can stay on top of potential problems. Hiring a local plumbing professional means you won’t need to buy tools or materials that you’ll only use once. Brionna is a writer specializing in home improvement, construction, and real estate topics.

You never realize how essential it is to flush a toilet or turn on a shower until your plumbing stops working. When a plumbing emergency occurs that detrimentally affects the function or state of your home, call an emergency 24-hour plumber near you for immediate assistance. An emergency plumber acts fast to fix your plumbing issue as soon as possible.

The flooring will need to be removed, and the plumber will likely need to jackhammer through parts of the concrete foundation before removing and replacing the leaky pipe. Plumbing companies may charge extra fees to ensure costs are covered. Service call fees generally range between $100 and $350 to cover the cost of materials and travel time, and this typically covers the first hour of work as well. If there’s a leak that’s difficult to locate, there may be an additional diagnostic fee. The local BBB works to gather complaints about local companies and publish them online so potential clients can make better-informed choices.

Apprentice plumbers typically earn the lowest wages in the plumbing profession, and the national average for an apprentice plumber is about $46,813. Regularly inspecting pipes for leaks, monitoring water pressure, and cleaning drains can prevent major plumbing disasters. Consider a yearly inspection by a professional plumber from Plumb Smart, which can be more cost-effective than emergency repairs.

Average Annual Salary by State

This is particularly helpful for complicated jobs such as burst pipes or major water leaks. California, in particular, is known for having a significant number of plumbers due to its large population and booming construction industry. The demand for plumbing services in California, with its diverse and expansive real estate and commercial development, has been historically high. The more experience you accumulate, the more valuable you become as a plumber. With time, you’ll develop expertise in handling a wide range of plumbing challenges, and clients are often willing to pay more for the confidence that an experienced plumber brings to the job. The demand for services from the best plumbing companies can differ widely depending on the region. Areas experiencing rapid population growth, construction booms, or a high density of commercial enterprises often have a greater need for plumbing services.

Low Water Pressure

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It’s possible to do a few minor repairs on your own and save money on plumbing costs. When you hire a plumber, they will be able to diagnose and fix your problem quickly without having to spend hours trying to guess what went wrong. If you’ve noticed any water damage in your home, you should call a local plumber who can arrive quickly to assess the situation. Water damage, when left untreated, can cause mold, which in turn can get into walls, causing health issues if not taken care of quickly. A plumber near you can stop the damage before the damp environment starts producing mold. Usually, these types of problems restrict your ability to use the fixtures in your home or are presently causing damage to your home.