How To Get Good Exam Results

August can be a aggravating month for loads of thousands of UK students who acquire the effects in their A and AS-stage assessments. To provide college students recommendation on their next steps once they have got their outcomes, the Department for Children,Schools and Families (DCSF) has set up a National Exam Results Helpline this is walking until 29th August 2009: 0808 one hundred 8000.

By the usage of a freephone 0808 wide variety (that’s precisely the same as an 0800 wide variety) the DCSF has enabled students and their households to name the Exam Results Helpline completely unfastened from a landline. However, name costs from a cellular will vary and that is of particular significance because the overpowering majority of college students are probably to depend on their mobile telephones.

This reflects the state-of-the-art findings from Ofcom which observed that 44.Five% of all UK calls are now crafted from cellular phones (Ofcom Communication Market Report 2009). In order for the DCSF to offer callers a amazing deal from a landline AND cell, the National Exam Results Helpline have to be an 03 number which can be covered in cellular customers’ free minutes.

Here are 10 motives why the National Exam Helpline ought to be an 03 Number:

1. 03 numbers price human beings the same to name as regular landline (01/02 numbers) even from a mobile phone. They are also covered inside the free minutes allocations provided with the aid of both cell and landline network companies. This is of unique importance for callers to the National Exam Helpline whilst the general public of the callers are college students who have a tendency to depend upon their cellular telephones.

2. Like all non-geographic numbers, 03 numbers enable businesses to smarten up the manner they cope with calls with intelligent capabilities like creation messages (“Thank Board Results 2022 Class 10th you for calling the National Exam Helpline”) and options menus (e.G. “Press 1 for records at the clearing system, press 2 for widespread inquiries” etc.)

three. There is a number 03 numbers – 030 numbers which can be exclusively for public bodies and now not-for-profit organizations to use.

Four. Callers may be queued, meaning that all vital calls may be answered. This is in particular applicable for the Exam Helpline which is marketed nationally and could necessarily get hundreds of thousands of calls.

5. Organizations can handpick a relatively memorable quantity that their callers will remember effortlessly.

6. Calls to 03 numbers may be easily recorded for schooling purposes.

7. 03 numbers simply ‘sit’ on pinnacle of any landline or cell wide variety. No additional device or hardware is needed.

8. 03 numbers can be inexpensive to run if you searching for out the company with the maximum competitive presenting on the market (e.G. 30,000 unfastened inbound minutes per month and when they were used 0.5 pence in line with minute for all calls acquired after that).

9. It’s viable to peer the geographic location of callers and the busy intervals of the enterprise using on line call records programs.

10. 03 numbers and their capabilities are completely managed on line. No extra hardware or device is needed and settings can be changed at any time and from anywhere with a web connection.

The ever-increasing recognition of cell phones approach that the uptake of 03 numbers has grown extensively. Not handiest do they offer all the benefits of 08 numbers, but they offer all callers a exquisite deal and there is a variety (030 numbers) that is solely for public our bodies and not-for-profit groups.

Many public our bodies are actually using 0300 numbers, which include the Department of Health, Companies House and the BBC and it seems that it won’t be long before 03 is the telephone variety of choice for all in the public area.