Is Paying Extra For Bottled Water Delivery Worth the Convenience Over Getting it From the Store?

In many nations water is brought into urban areas by truck because there is not enough annual rain flows to provide the amount of water needed for the population. In the United States we do not have this problem for the most part although some cities in the US, not many, but a few have completely run out of water during drought periods.

If we have areas of continued severe drought  موية نوفا due to climate change in the United States we maybe forced to deliver water by rail or truck to large population bases. Is it safe to do this? Well, trucks move a lot, but with proper baffling systems to haul liquid, yes indeed it is possible. Of course hauling liquid is tricky in any case and drivers would need to be specially trained. Training could be crash course made possible for all truck drivers and therefore already in place, always ready to rock-this is possible. Since it would in an emergency and not everyone runs out of water at the same time, it happens slowly.

In the event of a breach of a large Dam such as in NM, CO, NV, yes it would be quite serious quickly and gearing up if you already had the tankers under a contract to lease immediately would not be hard to secure equipment. It would only take some savvy pre-ready trucking companies to get this done. Water is life, so regulations would be suspended and FEMA would pay for the immediate needs until chaos slowed, big bucks, plus you are helping Americans stay alive.

In 2003 there were border cities out of water in WY-NE-CO. Outside of Billings MT they ran out of water when fire season was coming, they may not have even be able to fight the fires for fear of running out of water? Lots of water issues, slowly creeping up on us and the weather control we are still not very good at, as we have problems turning it off and getting the water-rain where it is needed.

In big events people need food and water, not just food. You could haul in plastic one gallon containers in the refers, which you would anyway and of course truckloads of water in that fashion, but it would not be feasible considering the needs and demand in such an event. It is for this reason we need a drought plan or FEMA plan to truck in large amounts of water in case we need it in a hurry. Consider this in 2006.