Korea Translation Agency

LTI Korea is a professional translation service with extensive experience in a variety of fields.

The company supports translation projects in a wide range of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. The company has worked on projects for clients in more than 20 languages and has developed business agreements with leading publishing companies in major language zones. The agency is particularly known for its reliable distribution of classical collections of Korean literature. Here are some of its latest successes.


If you are looking to get your website translated from English to Korean, Tomedes is the company to turn to. Their experienced and skilled team can provide the perfect translation for medical and legal documents. They have extensive experience with medical device companies, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare services. If you are looking to expand your business and expand your customer base, Tomedes is the right choice for your project. Read on to learn about the services they provide.


As a Korea translation agency, Pangeanic is the right choice for you if you need a high-quality translation of any Korean text. Our translation service combines quality translation with personalized service. If you need a translation of a novel or a technical document, Pangeanic can provide both types of services. You can request any type of translation from us, from medical reports to legal documents.


For a seamless experience, choose Languex Korea translation services. The translation agency specializes in legal translations, which is vital to any legal proceeding. Expert translators specialize in legal translations for law firms, corporate entities, and individual clients. Legal translation is a language translation that involves the use of legal standards and terminology. Languex offers legal translation services at reasonable rates. For more information about how Languex helps clients, visit our website today.


Whether you need to translate a web content into Korean or the Korean version of a video, Stepes is the agency for you. From web content to software localization and everything in between, Stepes offers the best in professional translation services. Backed by the largest team of certified professional translators, Stepes helps multinational companies achieve international success. With their services, you can make your business stand out among your competitors.

 The WordPoint

The World is discovering Korea, and more people are visiting the country to explore the opportunities available there. Some of them hope to make permanent residence in the country, while others visit for extended tours. Whether you’re a businessman trying to close an important contract with a Korea translation agency or a romantic who is preparing to marry a Korean, the language of love and romance will require translation services. TheWordPoint has been handling these requests since it first opened its doors.

Stepes provides certified legal translations

Stepes offers certified legal translations for Korea. The translation company’s certified legal translators have proven experience in the industry and guarantee the highest level of accuracy. The certified Korean translators at Stepes have a thorough understanding of the legal terminology used in the country. In addition to the language, they have experience in other areas of the world, such as cultural norms and dialects. Their certified Korean translations can be used for any type of legal matter.

 Stepes provides website localization services

With linguistic expertise, technical know-how and extensive experience in software localization, Stepes is a leading global player in automotive, information technology, and mobile content localization. In addition to translating website content, the company also provides eLearning translation solutions. We serve a wide range of clients from various industries, including leading semiconductor companies. Here are a few examples of our clients. Read on to learn more about our services.