Parking Lot Sweeping – What Equipment Do I Need to Start My Business?

Box Truck Mounted: This type of sweeper is also used to clean parking lots, but they are used for larger lots. They are capable of sweeping larger areas without filling the hopper as quickly (the hopper is where the garbage that gets sucked up is stored). These types of sweepers would be used to clean parking lots for retail super centers, or large shopping malls.

Street Sweeper: This kind of sweeper is Pothole used by municipalities, cities, and counties to clean the streets. This is the kind of sweeper that gets accompanied by ticket writing meter maids that strike when you forget to move your car on sweeping days. They are very large, and are not relevant for someone looking into starting a parking lot sweeping business.

Construction Sweeper: These are very heavy duty road sweepers. They are often used in construction clean up and are capable of sucking up bricks, nails, and pieces of 2 x 4. You will often see these kinds of sweepers on the free way when there is road construction. They are there to remove the gravel and junk that emerges when crews are working on roads. This kind of sweeping tends to have a very high profit margin because the work is project based, and since these kinds of jobs come up when construction projects require them they afford charging more money.

Miscellaneous: There a couple other kinds of sweepers worth mentioning. There are sweeper units that are designed to slide into the bed of a pickup truck. They are best described as truck mounted vacuum units, and they do not come with a sweeper arm. These are great for people starting out, and great for landscaping contractors. It isn’t really necessary to have a sweeping arm, with these units you would blow all debris into the direct path of the truck and the vacuum unit will suction all the garbage up. Slide in sweeper units can deliver the same results as sweepers with a sweeping arm. Second, there are tow-behind sweeper units. These kinds of sweepers are good to have as a backup sweeper, and good for people just starting out in the parking lot sweeping business. You can purchase one of these sweepers much cheaper than all the other types. These will work to help you get started up.

Now you know what kind of sweepers are relevant for your needs. Since you are interested in starting a parking lot sweeping business you will also need more equipment.

• A Leaf Blower
• High Visibility Reflective Safety Jacket
• GPS Navigation
• Sturdy Work Boots