Personality Opportunity Mismatch

Many entrepreneurs struggle to make their dream venture, business idea or start-up into a successful enterprise. Many are blaming themselves for their failures and others blame it on the insufficient amount of funds and others on the strategy or the marketing. But what often is not considered is the persona to align with opportunities. Based on the number of unsuccessful ventures, it looks that the majority of entrepreneurs are involved in ventures which do not coincide with their personal values. In the end, they face tension, stress and issues in various areas of life, including relationships, finances, health as well as relationships. In this instance, personality doesn’t refer to someone’s charisma, manner of speaking or standing, but rather the unique traits of a person’s personality. Many entrepreneurs do not define a role in their the job that matches their character characteristics Kiyan Michael.

What are Personality Traits?

Personality refers to the person’s unique attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors as well as the thoughts, emotions and behaviour that is characteristic of the person is the traits that define their personality. To give you a clear idea of the many different kinds of personality traits in the context of your career choice, here are a few examples of personality traits- adaptive, analytical collaborative, committed, courageous, creative, decisive, detail-oriented, emotionally competent, friendly, hardworking, relationship oriented,trustworthy, visionary, positive, enthusiastic, listener, persistent, self-aware, self-confident and Self-Disciplined.

The list above are just a few traits out of many. Some could be yours and others that might not, but the combination of these traits that is unique to you , is your guide to success provided they are coupled with the most suitable opportunities.

The importance of matching your Personality with Your Chance

Knowing these characteristics will give you more precise answers to make sense of your success journey. Making sure you are matched to the job you and your talents are able to fit in easily can reduce barriers to your success as an entrepreneur or any other. Being aware of your capabilities, skills and interests, as well as your personal characteristics such as values, preferences and values will allow you to make better decisions regarding your choices of what opportunities to take advantage of.

If the opportunities do not align to one’s specific character traits, one loses interest and experiences little or no satisfaction at work, and because work is a huge and vital aspect of our lives, most people end up feeling unhappy and unsatisfied with their lives. If an alternative is offered to make life simpler and more pleasant instead of making you miserable, it’s recommended to take it on and look for opportunities that seem effortless to you and with the least amount of resistance. Understanding your personality will reduce the anxiety people experience regarding their career and lets them choose and succeed in the jobs that are most appealing to them. The qualities required to be successful in the field are present in the person. Personality traits can be concealed and therefore cannot be assessed fully when done by means of instruments like personality tests.

Tools that let you to Match Opportunities and Personality More Exactly

Personality tests are designed to assist you to do exactly that to match your individual characteristics to opportunities that are most compatible with your core values. They evaluate your motivations and values, as well as your attitudes as well as your interests and behavior. The results of assessments of your personality are compared to particular traits required for certain roles and opportunities.

To conclude, analyzing your personality characteristics to find the best match with opportunities is helpful for any person to determine the most successful route that is the most suitable to their needs. What is expected from him is to exhibit traits that come easy and natural to him. thus reducing the amount of effort needed to be successful at what he is doing.