Teak Garden Furniture- The Top 3 Reasons To Get It

Given the large selection of garden furniture available, you may wonder why teak would be preferred to other materials. It is up to the customer to decide what type of garden furniture they want. However, teak is the most sought-after material for garden furniture. You should consider buying teak furniture for your garden.

  1. Unique aesthetic appeal.All types of wood furniture are beautiful. It all depends on the style and design of the furniture. But aesthetic appeal is subjective. Teak’s distinctive golden color, which eventually transforms into an even more appealing (if it is not already) silvery gray and extraordinarily rich grain makes this wood truly unique. This wood is very rare as it’s only found in southern and south-east Asia. It is an excellent choice if you want your patio or yard to look unique and beautiful teak garden furniture.
  2. Exceptional durability.The best wooden garden furniture will last between 2 and 3 decades. However, teak garden furniture can be durable for up to a decade if maintained properly. Teak is outdoor-proof because of its natural oils. It can withstand rain, intense sunlight, temperature changes and other outdoor elements that reduce the longevity of other wood species. Teak is a beautiful material that has outstanding physical characteristics. It is resistant to the weather and strong, making it an ideal choice for shipbuilding.
  3. Easy to maintain.Teak requires almost no maintenance and is naturally resistant to extremes outside. Well, almost. Unfortunately, teak is not impervious to dirt. Teak garden furniture can be cleaned with mild soapy and a soft towel. This will keep it looking beautiful. It doesn’t require any oiling, staining and lacquering, as opposed to other types of wood furniture. It also does not need winter storage because it cannot be damaged by the harsh winter elements. To make spring cleaning easier it is worth covering the wood with a breathable material.

Remember that not every teak garden furniture is made from the exact same kind of timber. Only grade A Teak contains enough natural oils that it can be outdoor resistant and lasts a lifetime. If you plan to purchase teak garden furnishings, it is highly recommended that the best quality be chosen if you intend to enjoy their beauty for more than a few years.