The Best Online Courses

With India warming up for online education, many of the students here are flocking to reputed international online education providers. The reasons are obvious: more industry recognition, access to latest information in the chosen field, quality of educational content, engagement and access to the renowned faculty members and resources.

1. The MOOCs (massive open online courses)

As the name suggests, it’s the biggest body american made Online robotics course of online education providers in the US, with several universities and independent educational institutions offering numerous online education programs for both American and foreign students. It allows you interactive participation using the web. As far as Indian students are concerned, it’s the biggest attraction at the moment, as increasing tuition, high cost of living and visa restrictions are hampering middle class students in India to approach US colleges. Over three lakh (3, 00,000) Indian students have joined online courses at MOOCs in just a couple of months this year.

Some attractive features of MOOCs are:

· Reduced entry barriers to invite more and more students
· Education from top universities (that too virtually free of cost sometimes)
· Renowned faculty from reputed institutes and universities
· Much less fee than the campus programs of the US universities

2. Khan Academy; the storehouse of casual learning

Khan Academy was launched incidentally by an Indian Harvard graduate, Salman Khan. This is an interesting story. One day, Salman was approached by his niece Nadia, who happened to be in another US city at the time, to explain some topics from her curriculum, through the Internet. During this session, he came up with the idea of launching YouTube videos with the course content on a large-scale, so that she and other such students can watch them as per their convenience. YouTube was chosen as it’s a public platform and students can watch these videos as many times as they want. They can pause or repeat the videos, whenever they need it. This resulted into the establishment of Khan Academy. At present, Khan Academy is a leading online education provider in the US and overseas.