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If your scissors aren’t closing properly or the blades aren’t lining up, the screw that holds your scissors together might be loose. Use a small screwdriver to tighten up the screw that holds the 2 blades together. If you are testing surgical scissors and are worried about contaminating them with latex, you can buy a non-latex form of sharpening sheets instead. Latex provides slight resistance to simulate what your scissors would normally be cutting through. Make your initial cut with about 3/4 of the blade, leaving the 1/4 of the blade closest to your fingers off the latex.

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The abrasive particles on the surface of the sandpaper will act as tiny sharpening stones, honing the cutting edge of both blades simultaneously. Wipe the blades clean with a cloth or paper towel to remove any abrasive grit. Test the scissors by making several cuts into scrap paper. A steel file is one of the best tools to sharpen garden shears like hedge shears. You can also use garden tool sharpeners or coarse-grit and fine-grit whetstones. If using whetstones, remember to immerse these in water to expel all the air.

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Your whetstones are ready for use when no more bubbles appear. When sharpening garden shears, you’ll need safety equipment and items for cleaning and removing rust. Even a dull tool can give you a nasty cut, so wear safety gloves when shear sharpening. Immerse the sharpening stone in water and let all the air bubbles come out before using it. Once the sharpening stone is ready, place it on the cutting edge at the same angle as the bevel.

For more stubborn dirt, you can immerse the blades in diluted bleach overnight. Refer to the instruction manual of your electric shears and detach the blades from the motor. Also, remember to wear safety gloves while you work on the blades. If the tool is heavily rusted, prepare a mixture of water and baking soda or vinegar in a bucket or pan. You don’t have to soak the entire tool – just the blades.

Some pole pruners come with rotating heads, further making it easier to reach branches in difficult to reach angles. The process of sharpening a pruning saw can, however, be dangerous. The rest of the article will cover everything you need to know about safely sharpening a pruning saw, ensuring it is properly maintained, and more. With bypass pruners, it is usually not necessary to sharpen the lower non-beveled blade, unless it has nicks or gouges that need to be smoothed out. Remove the nut or screw holding the two halves together, and separate the two main pieces. There may be multiple screws on the pruner, but you only need to concern yourself with the one in the center of the two blades.

Make sure you are using the entire blade and closing the scissors all the way to the tip. Your scissors should be able to close smoothly and without difficulty. Scissors get dull pretty quickly, especially if you use them every day. Try to test your scissors at least once before you use them again to make sure they are sharp enough. Remove the battery and hang your electric hedge trimmers in a cool, dry place. You can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper battery storage or storage for the electric cord. Make a few long, slow strokes with light pressure to grind away the nicks and dull areas.

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“Why the heck would you even bother sharpening a nail clipper when you can just buy a new one from the dollar store!? ” said my buddy after I told him this weekend’s post would be about how to sharpen nail clippers. To which I replied “A penny saved is a penny earned – that’s why I bother”. Every living person owns a nail clipper, and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably gone through your fair share. Now, let’s be honest……buying a replacement is hardly going to put a dent in your wallet!

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Reamers are re-sharpened on the bevel at the end, which is where the cutting action takes place. It is not usually needed to grind the OD unless you want to make the reamer smaller.